Application-Delivery Options in VMware Horizon 6

Applications are everywhere. An ever-increasing variety of applications and online services keep the wheels of business turning. And when the applications do not work well, neither does the business. IT administrators increasingly consider software application delivery a top priority.

You must consider a wide variety of variables when you choose an app-delivery option, including:

  • How your end users work, whether they are stationary or traveling, or working on premises or remotely.
  • The endpoint devices, whether your users provide their own in a BYOD program, or use mobile devices in the field.
  • Environmental factors such as support for legacy infrastructure, legacy applications, multiple versions of the same application, and frequency of upgrades or license renewals.

If you conclude that you actually need a combination of app-delivery options and not just one, you are not alone. Most enterprises need a combination of options to deliver diverse types of applicationsto diverse sets of endpoint devices. Download this paper to discover how VMware Horizon 6 provides that combination.

Download this paper now!

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