Tools and tips to run SAP in the cloud

Organizations considering moving their SAP applications to the cloud often struggle with questions about how to ensure an optimal cloud deployment. What are the requirements? What are the important tradeoffs?

By joining this webinar, you will gain a firm understanding of which cloud model – full service or deployment service – is best for your SAP installation. You will get a handle on all the considerations and requirements for a successful transition to the cloud, including how to deploy SAP HANA® to ensure optimal configuration, security and performance. The webinar includes an overview of IBM and SoftLayer IaaS and PaaS solutions for core SAP ERP applications and SAP HANA, and a demo of provisioning SAP HANA on IBM Cloud. Other topics include:

  • Latest news about SAP and IBM enhanced relationship, including HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Tools to estimate savings using IBM Cloud for SAP
  • IBM services and infrastructure to support SAP HANA
  • Recommendations for custom cloud deployment, support, services, and hosting

Watch the webinar today.

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