When Business Surges, Can Your IT Keep Pace?
On-Demand Webinar

HP Flexible Capacity offers a pay-as-you-grow solution that allows you to scal instantly to  handle growth needs without the usual wait for the procurement process. A component of HP Datacenter Care, this unique approach does not tie up capital and creates an environment where you capacity never runs out. Yet it also allows you to pay only for the capacity actually used, taking into account user demand, as well as changing market conditions.

This webinar will help you explore ways that our customers benefit from HP Flexible Capacity and show how easy it is to make this solution yours.

Specific topics include:

  • Frost and Sullivan will highlight IT transformation challenges and the conundrum of not having the right support service to scale on-premise data centers as quickly and flexibly as business needs.
  • HP Flexible Capacity. What it is and how does it...
    • Enable faster time to market
    • Improve cash flow to the corporation
  • Flexible Capacity and HP Storage - a great combination for managing your growing data requirements for servers, storage and networking

This webinar will also present examples of customer successes for scaling storage and includes a Q&A session.

Please join us and discover the valuable role HP Flexible Capacity can play in your IT transformation initiative, as well as in helping you leverage the New Style of Business to power success.

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