Optimize machine learning decisions

There's so much buzz today around automating decisions with AI and Machine Learning. But to deliver maximum value, data scientists can't just make predictions about the future, they must also prescribe the best course of action to achieve business goals.

In this webinar, we're going to show you how Decision Optimization can complement Machine Learning techniques to deliver business results by evaluating millions of possibilities, balancing trade-offs and business constraints to find the best possible solution. Together, businesses can link data from across their organization and evaluate possible planning scenarios which consider their business specific goals, constraints, and variables in order to determine the best-case, executable plan.

IBM Decision Optimization helps you gain insight into how decisions can impact your business and provides recommendations to make reliable decisions. And now, Decision Optimization is integrated into IBM Data Science Experience, so you can combine the power of prescriptive analytics and machine learning, making it easier for data science teams to build, evaluate, and deploy optimization models. 


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Trisha Mahoney
Product Marketer & Data Scientist
IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)


Ioannis Gamvros
Global Data Science Enablement Leader, IBM


Stan Gibson


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